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Get Railroad Manager 3.5!

The latest version of our game introduces new missions for all maps: Play 5 years, earn money, solve missions, and choose your starting year!

Choose the starting year between 1830 and 1945 in 5 year steps (screenshot from german version)

Also, we added the first Indian electric loco:

Based on the famous swiss “Crocodile” (also available in the game), it came to indian rail tracks in 1928.

More improvements to the game will be coming later this summer!

All new Starter Pack

Here comes the new Starter Pack. Get 30 locos, coaches and wagons for much less than the normal diamond cost. This is the perfect start, as most of the vehicles are available in all missions and will really help you to get higher scores and have even more fun.

The Starter Pack Content

Railroad Manager 2.3

Vor kurzem haben wir mit Version 2.3 eine komplett neue, viel attraktivere Bahnhofs- und Stadtansicht eingebaut. Nach einigen Justierungen sieht das jetzt auf so gut wie allen Geräten Klasse aus und es macht viel mehr Spaß, damit die Güterzüge zu beladen.

Seitdem waren wir weiterhin nicht faul, und so gibt es jetzt die beim öffentlichen Voting gewünschte Skandinavien-Karte im Shop!

Viel Spaß damit!

Poll / Umfrage

Here is our poll! Which map or locomotive would you like to see next in our game? If you wish something else, try our feedback form!


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Loco wishes / Lok-Wunschliste

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