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Get Railroad Manager 3.5!

The latest version of our game introduces new missions for all maps: Play 5 years, earn money, solve missions, and choose your starting year!

Choose the starting year between 1830 and 1945 in 5 year steps (screenshot from german version)

Also, we added the first Indian electric loco:

Based on the famous swiss “Crocodile” (also available in the game), it came to indian rail tracks in 1928.

More improvements to the game will be coming later this summer!

Railroad Manager 3.0 is here

Get Railroad Manager 3.0 from Google Play or Amazon Store!

Please note the most important change which will also be presented by the game to most users during start:

Previously, game date could be saved to Google Servers (only after Google login, not with the Amazon version which naturally doesn’t have that). Due to change to Google’s Cloud API, we decided to store your data on one or our servers instead from now on.

But we have no access to your Google cloud data, so you must store your data on our server at least once. Just use the cloud save button on the center right to do that at any time (it does not happen automatically!). Important: Your data is saved alongside with your Google account ID (an anonymous numeric). This means that you can only restore your data (i.e. after re-installation on the same or another device) if you login to your Google account after installation. Shortly afterwards, the game should fetch your data from our server.

For Amazon users, the data is bound to your anonymous Amazon account ID which is provided to the app during start. So you don’t need any login button. You can restore your data on any Amazon device logged into the same account.

Note that while we now do have your game data on your server, it is totally anonymous. No personal data is stored with it. This also means that even if your data is there, we cannot push it to your device if you somehow loose your Google or Amazon account ID.

And now enjoy the game!

The New American Coach

Version 2.8.6 of RAILROAD MANAGER brings a new coach, the early american bogey coach “B4”. At first sight nothing spectacular, it really is a game changer, as it is available already from 1855 – in all standard missions! This posting explains why.

In reality, coaches with large single cabin emerged in northern america, while in europe featured many side-door compartments, so nobody could simply go from one compartment to another except on stations, not even speaking of changing coaches (for example going for the dining car).

The bogeys made those coaches heavier, but the rolling comfort was strictly better. And more passengers could be transported. That’s exactly what the new coach is all about.

Have a look at the best possible passenger trains in 19th century in our game so far:

The Southern Pacific steam loco could haul three green or blue coaches 2nd class plus at maximum one blue-pink coach 3rd/4th class, which are slightly heavier and transport five more passengers. The shown combination with 30+30+30+35 passengers is the largest possible during most early missions. But it’s slow, because the locomotive is more meant for freight trains. Use trains like this for short or commuter lines.

For fast trains, this combination is better:

The Cöln-Mindener steam loco (built 1870) is the fastest you can get in the 19th century. It can go up to 85 km/h but only with the coaches available later (Saxonian C3, 1895).
The 1B can only haul two small passenger coaches, at best one 2nd class plus one 3rd/4th class, which sums up to 65 passengers. This train is great for longer lines. Make sure it does not interfer with slower trains on the same track!

Now let’s talk about the new bogey coach!

It has room for 40 passengers with a maximum speed of 60 kph and is slightly heavier. The blue Cöln Mindener loco cannot haul two of them – but one plus one smaller coach:

This combination has a capacity of 70 which is 5 more than before with same speed and upkeep, so this train is strictly better! And because the new coach is available in all standard missions, you can basically improve all your scores as you can transport more passengers in the same time!

Of course the combination with the american steam loco is also possible:

This train also takes 5 more passengers than the best before, shown above.

Now have fun playing with the new coach, also with newer locos, and go for the high scores! Can you beat for example 1603 points in Riverland/Passengers or 1286 points in North Germany/Passengers? We’ll see!